We Three Kings: An inclusive realm of influence.

A place for gamers, nothing more. Nothing less.

We are a group of gamers, and casters with endless passion for gaming, not just competitive gaming. Browse through our site to learn more about us, our mission, upcoming tournaments, our affiliates and more.


More About Us

Dedication to the Game

The COVID lockdown was tough for many, but not without its silver lining, for us anyway. It brought a group of friends back together who had lost touch over time. Our careers took over, some of us traversed the world.

Within our respective lockdowns. We gamed like old times, and reignited our spark for what is categorically, one of the most active and involved communities in the world. 

With the rise of eSports, you see some incredible gamers who have perfected their skills.

More power to those that can compete... but what about the everyday person? From the single mothers/fathers, to the career heavy family folks?

We wanted to generate a platform where players of all skill levels could compete and get a chance to be in the limelight.

Ever heard the old adage of which console is king? Well, combine that with four blokes (a collective brainpower of three) wanting to make an inclusive and competitive-friendly environment and you effectively get our identity. 


We Three Kings (W3 Kings) Gaming was born.

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Our Mission and Statement

Dedication to the Community

We Three Kings Gaming, is a gaming community and tournament hub for everyone.

Our mission is to converge every walk of life, and every skill of player into the same realm (our Kingdom!) without fear of elitism or segregation. Competition is welcome, so long as it is good-natured.

Whilst we do agree that everyone in life deserves respect and identity, when you are in our realm, we don't care about the multitude of difference in life. All we care about is one thing - do you like games?

If so, you are welcome here. If you play games, watch games or are interested in either, you have a place in this community.

We may have varying skill levels, beliefs, identities - but behind a screen, or in game - we are all equal.

The Folks Behind W3K

Meet the Team


Haydn Meredith

Haydn is an avid gamer with a career in the gaming industry itself. He organises events and has participated in many of the hottest gaming events across the world in a support capacity. A huge lover of Final Fantasy and a lot of RPG games. Pretty handy shot on FPS games too.


Scott Webster

Scott has been gaming since he was as young as he can remember with a love spanning numerous generations. With a knack for community outreach and helping to grow communities, professionally and personally, he typically focusses on the business discussion element.


Dean Purves

No personal link.

Highly competitive gamer, but not pro. Thinks he is. But isn't. Sarcastic, light-hearted and dedicated, Dean brings more organisation to what would typically be 'organised chaos' with Scott running off and doing things at 100mph and Haydn flying across the world at events.

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Iain Murray

Long term friend of the lads that started the group, Iain joined quickly. With a passion for games, a huge collection spanning multiple platforms, and also embarking on a mission to learn game design. It was always going to happen - us working together.

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Some Articles We've Written...

What's on the agenda?

Upcoming W3 Kings Events & News

Game Time

Building a Brand


We Three Kings Gaming Launches our website to create an online presence. Our aim is to bring communities together and compete in a fun way, within 2022 at the latest, if not late 2021.

With some celebrity endorsement at launch, we are proud to be able to bring our unique style to the market.



In conjunction with our go-live, we are doing an incredible GIVEAWAY. 

With multiple ways to enter, someone could walk away with a unique prizes including game codes, gaming hardware and even with potential for more prizes and gifts to be added, pending the success of the campaign.

Anyone that follows, shares, and spreads the word can take part.

Rainbow Keyboard
Multi Screen Gaming

So what will our first tournament be?


We have deliberated a number of different options quite honestly, ranging from Apex, Warzone, and even some generic community nights on the likes of Destiny.

If there is anything you'd specifically like to see or get involved with, please let us know!

Contact Us

If you are interested in working with us, having us cast your event, or just wish to drop a message - feel free!


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