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All About W3 Kings Gaming

Born to Game

The COVID lockdown was tough for many, but not without its silver lining, for us anyway. It brought a group of friends back together who had lost touch over time. Our careers took over, some of us traversed the world.

Within our respective lockdowns. We gamed like old times, and reignited our spark for what is categorically, one of the most active and involved communities in the world. 

With the rise of eSports, you see some incredible gamers who have perfected their skills.

More power to those that can compete... but what about the everyday person? From the single mothers/fathers, to the career heavy family folks?

We wanted to generate a platform where players of all skill levels could compete and get a chance to be in the limelight.

Ever heard the old adage of which console is king? Well, combine that with four blokes (collective brain-power of three) wanting to make an inclusive and competitive-friendly environment and you effectively get our identity. 


We Three Kings (W3 Kings) Gaming was born.

********* EXTENDED VERSION *********

At W3K Games, we are committed to simply having fun. 

Our aim is to create a platform for people to congregate to without worry of being separated from the competition, the games or simply community. 

We don't care your background, skill level, personal orientations. You are all the same here. Gamers.


The industry can be mildly toxic in the sense of monetary gains. Streamers do so to earn a living and can in some respects, bleed communities for cash. 

That is why we aim to run as many events as possible that are free, or cost efficient. We only want to be self sustainable along the way. 

That is why most of our proceeds will go to charitable events and endeavours - specifically our friends at Special Effect.