Pairing up with GamerGoo!

Although W3K is still quite young in terms of where we are as an entity or a non-profit business, we are making some waves in the industry already. We've begun to build a small community of gamers and like-minded people.

We've been playing over crossplay with multiple platforms on Apex, and Call of Duty - which is all very exciting! We feel it important to promote and support great brands in the industry as well, and also use products, or give people a chance to try and experience them. GamerGoo was a logical choice for us. I can categorically say, having just suffered a heatwave; I was not prepared to give up on my hobby, and the product was incredible! An absolute life-saver. Nothing like beating sweaty palms with a bit of Cherry Blossom scent into the mix. When you are in a Discord chat, speaking to multiple platforms and hear the words, "I'm absolutely sweating" and when your teammate gets killed fairly (though they argue it really isn't and their hands were slipping), you can smugly finish their opponents off without issue. The product does exactly what is says it does, with no discomfort whatsoever. Check them out and give the product a try - from our experience, you will not be disappointed!

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