What made us decide to do W3K?

As bizarre as it is to say, the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world in 2020, but there was a silver lining. A group of friends that had lost touch due to busy lives and jobs decided to log on more and more often. To keep our sanity, to ensure we had some social injection into our new proverbial prison. What started as a smaller group of about four of us, became more than ten - to the point we would have to consider rotating groups or parties in Modern Warfare: Warzone, Destiny, or when doing Apex cross platform gameplay with some of our non-console friends on PC. Friends that lost touch over years, playing together again in a lockdown like old times was something quite grounding, and ultimately and wholeheartedly pleasing. Haydn, one of our founders, had streamed on Twitch before and as much as he acknowledged that the community on Twitch could be toxic, we spitballed ideas as to how we could get involved and have some fun. Friends drifted off to run their own channels, or to back off entirely; simply not interested in being on camera. Some disappeared for entirely different reasons unrelated to the streams or the games as the world opened back up. The rest of us that stuck around talked about how eSports focussed more on pro players. So we thought about having a regular, run of the mill hub that could focus solely on having fun. No elitist mentality, not always about being the best out there, but to fairly put your name in the ring and give it a go, maybe edging out as the best among similar skillsets. We've been chipping away at it and despite the toxic reputation of some of the streaming platforms, we've made incredible friends with other streamers around the world and can't wait to bring some of them together for our first games, or tournaments. Something gaming seems to have forgotten over the years with micro-transactions is money corrupts. The beauty of our work is that we aren't doing it for money, or fame. We are doing it for fun. Like it used to be. How it should be.

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